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3W.IO? What kind of name is that?

But... We kind of like it! Call us triwio if you prefer. Seriously, mainly because it is short. That's the core business here.

Is it free?


Why do your short url have a different format compared with most other services?

Because we thought it could be nice to make a difference... So instead of customising the url after the domain, we customise it before, with a subdomain.

Do you have an API/service so that we can use it in third party services/apps like twitterfeed?

Yes we do. To get a shortened url, post it like this (replace [URL] with the long url to shorten):


The anwser will be a plain text response with the shortened URL.

You may also use one additional parameter to link that URL to your 3w.io account (replace [KEY] with your personal account key):


Do you plan to dissapear or to hijack our urls or to redirect users to porn sites or anything?


Are you going to make money on us?

Maybe? Probably not. But we can't promess that. After all, it is free, and somebody have to pay the hosting. For sure, we will never prevent people who clicked on a generated shortlink from getting to the final destination (if it still exist!). That's a promess.

Are you working with any national agency anywhere?

No. But we are not above the law.


Today, essentialy with twitter and qrcodes technologies, but also for general convenience, URL's length matter. The shorter, the better. 3W.IO is our contribution to that requirement.

With short urls starting with as low as 7 characters, we can say that we have a lot of them to offer. Below is a projection table, just to give you an idea:

Length Structure Quantity

And if you link them with a (free) account, these short urls becomes editable. Which mean that if for some reason une target link is broken or obsolete, you will still be able to redirect traffic to another one of your choice.

The initiative was born after the QRcodeBox1 initiative project, which now benefit from this tool to create smaller QRcodes.

This website is made by LC2

1. Yes, QRcodebox provide amazing QRcodes, just visit it!


Please use this service at your own risk. We do not guarantee anything. We offer this free (so far) so we just can't take any crazy promesses. Between you and us, is this not the most honest disclaimer you ever saw on a website?